Louise Rosager is an executive producer, story and script consultant based in Los Angeles.



Louise has over a decade of experience in scripted content development working with some of the most prominent storytellers and artists in today’s TV landscape. Her vast theoretical knowledge of story combined with a lifetime’s study of Jungian psychology has yielded a powerful, multi-layered approach to content development, which addresses all levels of artistic creation.  

Louise is an Executive Producer of WILL, a dramatic TV series about the life and times of William Shakespeare, which is set to air on TNT this summer. She is a Shakespeare expert in her own right and teaches an ongoing Shakespeare class in Los Angeles.

Consulting Services

Louise is dedicated to helping artists and storytellers of all mediums create meaningful, authentic content that resonates with our time.

Her consulting work is grounded in universal principles of storytelling, and reflects a deep understanding of mythology, symbolism and psychology.

Newer writers will get help identifying structure, tone, themes, protagonist, story arcs and character development.

Seasoned writers will get a set of expert eyes and a sounding board for story and character development as well as detailed notes that will make a script resonate even deeper with a broad audience. 

Producers and directors who have a general idea of the story they want to pitch, will get help ironing out major plot points and story beats. 

To find out more, contact louise, using the form below, or email louise@louiserosager.com

Warriors for Peace

Louise is the creative director of Warriors for Peace, a theatre company comprised of US military veterans who aim to promote peace, healing, and foster the principles of global citizenship by bringing war veterans of different nations together in the theatre arts.

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